College Rep Visits

To be excused from class, juniors and seniors must get teacher permission before attending and sign the attendance sheet at each college presentation.

Freshmen and sophomores can attend college rep visits during their free periods.

Virtual/Interactive college rep contact at

More college rep visits are scheduled each day. Check the College/Career Center website for the latest updates.

Location is the College/Career Center unless specified. — Last updated Sunday, September, 23rd 2018 7:45 pm

Sun, Sep 23rd Mon, Sep 24th Tue, Sep 25th Wed, Sep 26th Thu, Sep 27th Fri, Sep 28th Sat, Sep 29th
8:55am Clark University
9:50am Bucknell University
11:45am University of Colorado Colorado Springs
12:40pm Drake University
6:00pm COLLEGE FAIR: Colorado Council of High School/College Relations
8:55am Carnegie Mellon University
11:45am American University
11:45am College of Charleston
9:35am Seattle Pacific University
9:35am University of Utah
11:05am Cornell College
11:05am The University of Oklahoma
1:50pm Middlebury College
9:35am Calvin College
11:05am Hofstra University
11:05am Wake Forest University
11:05am Westmont College
6:00pm Christian College Fair of Colorado
8:55am The New School - All Divisions
9:50am Hult International Business School - London
9:50am Otterbein University
9:50am Pitzer College
10:50am Hult International Business School - London
Sun, Sep 30th Mon, Oct 1st Tue, Oct 2nd Wed, Oct 3rd Thu, Oct 4th Fri, Oct 5th Sat, Oct 6th
1:00pm National College Fair
2:00pm Tufts University
7:00pm Dartmouth, Northwestern, Princeton, Berkeley, Vanderbilt
8:00am Oregon State University, Cascades
8:00am Roger Williams University
8:00am Washington and Lee University
8:55am University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
8:55am Lewis & Clark College
8:55am University of Miami
8:55am Portland State University
9:50am Loyola University Chicago
9:50am Reed College
9:50am Seattle University
10:50am Dominican University of California
10:50am Sacred Heart University
11:45am Clarkson University
11:45am University of San Diego
12:40pm Goucher College
12:40pm Saint Mary's College of California
1:35pm University of California, Riverside
1:35pm Pacific Lutheran University
2:30pm Boston College
2:30pm California Lutheran University
8:00am Carleton College
8:00am The George Washington University
8:00am Lake Forest College
8:00am Landmark College
8:00am Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences
8:00am Vanderbilt University
8:00am Willamette University
8:00am The College of Wooster
8:55am Bates College
8:55am University of California, Davis
8:55am Soka University of America
8:55am Western Washington University
8:55am Whitworth University
9:50am Gonzaga University
9:50am Texas Christian University
9:50am Wesleyan University
9:50am Westminster College
9:50am Wittenberg University
10:50am Babson College
10:50am Eckerd College
10:50am University of Maryland, College Park
10:50am San Diego State University
11:45am DePauw University
11:45am IE University - Madrid Campus
11:45am Linfield College
11:45am Oregon State University
11:45am Yale University
12:40pm Southern Methodist University
12:40pm The University of Tampa
1:35pm Baylor University
1:35pm Kenyon College
1:35pm University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
2:30pm Case Western Reserve University
2:30pm Colgate University
2:30pm Elon University
2:30pm Lehigh University
2:30pm University of South Carolina
8:00am Emory University
8:00am Oklahoma City University
8:00am Rhodes College
8:00am Rice University
8:00am Rollins College
8:00am Suffolk University
8:00am Tulane University
8:00am University of Vermont
9:35am Adelphi University
9:35am Bennington College
9:35am Butler University
9:35am Illinois Institute of Technology
9:35am Macalester College
9:35am University of Redlands
9:35am Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
9:35am St. Lawrence University
11:05am University of British Columbia
11:05am University of California, Irvine
11:05am Grinnell College
11:05am Kalamazoo College
11:05am Ohio Wesleyan University
11:05am Providence College
11:05am Union College (New York)
11:05am Washington State University
12:15pm University College Dublin
12:15pm Harvey Mudd College
12:15pm Monmouth College
12:15pm Pomona College
12:15pm Scripps College
12:15pm Trinity College
12:15pm Washington University in St. Louis
12:15pm Whitman College
1:50pm The American University of Paris
1:50pm University of California, Santa Barbara
1:50pm Davidson College
1:50pm Emerson College
1:50pm Fordham University
1:50pm Gettysburg College
1:50pm University of Rochester
1:50pm Sewanee: The University of the South
6:00pm Out-of-State College Fair
8:00am Beacon College
8:00am Boise State University
8:00am Boston University
8:00am Jacksonville University
8:00am University of New Hampshire at Durham
8:00am Sweet Briar College
8:00am Tufts University
9:35am Arizona State University
9:35am Bradley University
9:35am Lawrence University
9:35am University of Michigan
9:35am University of the Pacific
9:35am Sierra Nevada College
9:35am Syracuse University
9:35am University of Washington
11:05am University of California, Santa Cruz
11:05am University of Evansville
11:05am Marist College
11:05am University of Notre Dame
11:05am University of Puget Sound
11:05am University of South Florida, Tampa
11:05am University of Southern California
11:05am Texas State University
12:15pm Johns Hopkins University
1:50pm Bryn Mawr College
1:50pm University of California, San Diego
1:50pm Colorado State University Pueblo
1:50pm Johnson & Wales University (Denver)
1:50pm Juniata College
1:50pm Sierra Nevada College
7:00pm University of Notre Dame
8:00am Brandeis University
8:00am Connecticut College
8:00am Saint Michael's College
8:00am University of San Francisco
8:55am University of Portland
9:50am The University of Iowa
9:50am MCPHS - Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
9:50am Whitman College
1:35pm Montana State University, Billings
1:35pm University of Northern Colorado
1:35pm Purdue University
Sun, Oct 7th Mon, Oct 8th Tue, Oct 9th Wed, Oct 10th Thu, Oct 11th Fri, Oct 12th Sat, Oct 13th
2:00pm University of Southern California
8:00am Columbia University
9:50am Amherst College
9:50am Montana State University, Bozeman
9:50am New York University
10:50am Bucknell University
10:50am Franklin & Marshall College
12:40pm Kansas State University
10:50am Dickinson College
8:00am Pepperdine University
9:35am Beloit College
11:05am Colorado College
12:15pm Hamilton College - NY
12:15pm Northern Arizona University
8:00am Dartmouth College
8:00am University of Denver
8:00am University of Richmond
9:35am Chapman University
9:35am Hampshire College
12:15pm Vassar College
2:00pm University of Puget Sound
Sun, Oct 14th Mon, Oct 15th Tue, Oct 16th Wed, Oct 17th Thu, Oct 18th Fri, Oct 19th Sat, Oct 20th
2:00pm Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Rice, U Chicago
8:55am University of Missouri Columbia
10:50am Columbia College Chicago
10:50am Michigan State University
2:30pm St. Olaf College
None None
8:00am University of Chicago
9:50am Claremont McKenna College
Sun, Oct 21st Mon, Oct 22nd Tue, Oct 23rd Wed, Oct 24th Thu, Oct 25th Fri, Oct 26th Sat, Oct 27th
8:55am Bard College
1:35pm New York Film Academy
8:00am Northeastern University
8:00am Skidmore College
12:40pm Miami University, Oxford
2:30pm Denison University
2:30pm Sarah Lawrence College
7:00pm University of Virginia
None None
Sun, Oct 28th Mon, Oct 29th Tue, Oct 30th Wed, Oct 31st Thu, Nov 1st Fri, Nov 2nd Sat, Nov 3rd
8:00am Haverford College
9:50am The University of Alabama
None None
8:00am Fort Hays State University
None None
Sun, Nov 4th Mon, Nov 5th Tue, Nov 6th Wed, Nov 7th Thu, Nov 8th Fri, Nov 9th Sat, Nov 10th
None None None
8:00am Bryant University
8:00am Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles
None None
Sun, Nov 11th Mon, Nov 12th Tue, Nov 13th Wed, Nov 14th Thu, Nov 15th Fri, Nov 16th Sat, Nov 17th
None None None
11:05am Colorado Mountain College (11 Locations)
None None None